Who We Are


Owner of VERDE company, Alessandro Canzi manages his team of experts, guiding them in new projects and new adventures.

Qualified as a floriculturist – nurseryman, in 1996 he decided to found his first company which today boasts almost 30 years of experience in the gardening sector and more than 2,500 green areas created.

Our business philosophy: to take care of green spaces and areas while respecting the arboreal heritage, the environment and the surrounding nature.

“With your hands you can be a good gardener, but it is only with your head and heart that you can transfer emotions.”

Company philosophy

  • Our company uses battery operated tools and equipment, especially in condominium green areas and sensitive environments, to combat not only environmental pollution, but also noise pollution.
  • For several years we have adopted the method of integrated pest management with the use of agropharmaceutical products with fungicidal, insecticidal and acaricidal action, favouring biological control measures and raw materials of excellence.
  • Periodically, at our headquarters, we hold training meetings for all employees in order to improve the use of plant protection products and carry out a complete update on new selections of seeds and fertilizers.

Verde in Riga

In 2021, our company won a tender launched by the municipality of Riga (Latvia) for the planting of 181 trees located throughout the capital.

We are present in the Baltic area thanks to the collaboration with our local partner, the Lawyer Baiba Veisa.


We are proud to be part of the A.C. Monza as Official Sponsor to support the growth ambition of this great team.